Nā Kama Kai Ocean Safety & Conservation Awareness Clinics service our community statewide through touching the lives of our youth in numerous capacities. Our statewide ocean clinics nurture a deep sense of love for the ocean among youth. The experience ingrains in each of the participants an understanding of their kuleana to water safety and environmental awareness. Our clinics offer group and one-on-one interactions with professional surfers, watermen and waterwomen, lifeguards, firefighters, marine scientists, Hawaiian cultural practitioners, and ocean rescue instructors. The clinics provide a positive, nurturing, and controlled environment enabling keiki to become confident in the ocean through a personally guided experience. Participants learn Hawaiian stories related to the event location, help shape traditional wooden boards, and learn about traditional Hawaiian ocean culture through the contemporary perspective of ocean professionals. Nā Kama Kai programs target all youth from 2 to 18 years of age in many different cultural settings. Currently most of the programs occur on the Island of O’ahu, and to a lesser extent on the other neighbor islands of Hawai’i. Also, ocean clinics have been held at Papeete, Tahiti, and Dana Point CA, and have demonstrated that the programs provided by Nā Kama Kai can serve as a model for other coastal communities anywhere in the world, provided they incorporate place based cultural values and traditional knowledge.

Clinic Locations

2017 Schedule

  • January 8th – Hale’iwa Beach Park
  • February 12th – Waikiki (Publics)
  • March 12th – Kahana Bay Beach Park
  • April 9th – Poka’i Bay Beach Park
  • May 14th – ‘Ewa Beach Park
  • June 11th – Waimanalo Beach Park
  • July 9th – Hale’iwa Beach Park
  • August 13th – Waikiki (Publics)
  • September 10th – Kahana Bay Beach Park
  • October 8th – Poka’i Bay Beach Park
  • November 12th – ‘Ewa Beach Park
  • December 10th – Kailua Beach Park